People still write on usenet?
--Mr. Lex Wed Aug 10 07:04:17 2005
Some groups wax and wane but others seem to be here for the long haul. Google provides a web view of it all but I find its tracking of what you've read to be utterly, utterly inadequate, a real functionality and usability disaster by Google's standards.
--Kirk Wed Aug 10 07:28:57 2005
Yer getting old, ya bastich, old old doobie doobie sliding towards the big dirtnap.... ooohh bop sha bop cross the river jordan without the return fare..... skip to da loo my wrinkly friend, your depends are leaking.....

you old old old freak.... who is younger than me.... *sob*
----Ancient and Decrepit EB Wed Aug 10 10:20:21 2005
And don't you forget it, pops.
--Kirk Wed Aug 10 13:13:08 2005

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