What do you mean by furnishing one's kitchen? Do you mean appliances? The article mentions microwaves, but mainly in the context of a crackpot health scare that Germany is possessed by; not really representative of toaster-ovens and refrigerators.
--LAN3 Thu Aug 18 00:37:00 2005
Ah, I found it: "When you rent an apartment in the US, the stove and fridge is normally included; in Germany you typically have to bring your own." I was searching on "kitchen" and missed this. So odd!
--LAN3 Thu Aug 18 00:59:05 2005
Sorry for comment flooding. In general, that article was indeed pretty fair to the US, but it seems like a number of things have changed, either before or after the author spent time in the US, that make the differences a matter of timing or location. It's to be expected, I suppose, but... meh.
--LAN3 Thu Aug 18 01:03:13 2005
From what I've heard, folks in England are often expected to bring their own kitchen cabinets from flat to flat. The cabinets are typically installed on a standardized rail system so that they can be taken down and moved.
--Max Thu Aug 18 07:06:04 2005
Us Americans are spoiled. . ..
--Mr. Lex Thu Aug 18 08:54:52 2005
Those're such a strange burden to add to renters. I hope there's a reasonably supply of cheap, furnished places, for those who don't have the wherewithall to lug a fridge around.
--LAN3 Thu Aug 18 11:00:19 2005
I got my picture taken next to some children's graffiti outside a construction site. I'm between Homer Simpson and Obelix.
--Nick Bensema Thu Aug 18 14:30:26 2005
is pretty good. is less impressive but claims to be Picasso!
--Kirk Thu Aug 18 17:36:55 2005
Oops, I was going to add that I've heard there's a coastal difference in the USA in graffiti...the East coast tends to be less blatantly impressive loops and lines and the west coast seems to foster bigger, block letter colorful stuff.
--Kirk Thu Aug 18 17:37:56 2005

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