"boba fette? boba fette?! where?! and what?! and WHY?!"
A coworker told me that, while shopping at a toystore, he found a stuffed, plush Darth Vader. It has a chip inside which has one of Vader's lines, I don't recall which, but something ominous about the future being ruled by the Dark Side.

Cuddly Darth-- yeah, I don't see it.
--LAN3 Mon Aug 22 19:45:28 2005
Hmm, the difference between skin and leather is pretty nearly the same as the difference between, say, pork and ham. It's not really a euphemism at all-- the latter in both cases has been processed and preserved, while the former terms are either specifically a raw flesh, or else a general term that I consider fairly useless. 
--LAN3 Tue Aug 23 21:51:34 2005
Some of the linguistic strangeness of English is a reflection of it's multi-cultural roots. Words like pork come from French, while others come from a multitude of other languages. Thus English has more words because it borrows from so many other languages.
--ericball Wed Aug 24 08:34:42 2005
All true. I guess my point was that it might me think differently about leather goods if I always called them "skin"
--Kirk Wed Aug 24 09:03:49 2005
I wish I were more excited about Star Wars cmiocs, but honestly, other than a few bits of Legacy (primarily War), I've not really been interested since X-Wing Rogue Squadron was cancelled. Invasion has a great concept, but approaches things from an angle I find completely uninteresting. Agent of the Empire  because I needed another James Bond story (who can't resist a misogynistic sociopath?) Old Republic tie-ins? Tell me when they assign non-videogame writers to them. Knight Errant  John Jackson Miller has a few good stories in him, but he seems to have told them already. Crimson Empire III  I found I and II dark and nasty, and the art isn't helping anything. Dark Times? Er I have little to no interest in more filling in the gaps between films. Dawn of the Jedi? I honestly feel like the Jedi are more than a bit overexposed in almost all the EU (plus, as far as I can see, no Camaasi). Other than Republic Commando (which promised to be the new X-Wing type series, but got only one videogame, no cmiocs, and a single-author series which ended ignominiously), we haven't had anything that doesn't focus more and more on the Jedi and the Sith. And increasingly, moreso on Sith than Jedi. It's starting to feel like everything's about the villains, with no real heroes left to save the galaxy.All that to be saying  get Michael Stackpole on cmiocs, writing either Rogue Squadron or some cool post-FotJ stuff. I like his cmiocs work best of his Star Wars contributions, so that's my ideal plan.Which will never happen, of course.
--Christian Fri Jul 6 21:41:23 2012

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