everything is more beautiful because we're doomed
I think I recall that one of the Bonanza back stories, which told the tale of Hoss' mother, said that "Hoss" was Scandenavian(maybe Swedish) meaning "a kind man". As the series evolved, however, it came into the "horse" meaning because of the character's physical size.
--YELM Mon Aug 22 10:27:13 2005
yeah, there was an episode about this. it was set back in time before paw cartwright made it big, and lorne greene's hair was dyed black...
--MCC Mon Aug 22 14:07:27 2005
i finally get the visual pun - lorne from angel... hee hee!
--FoSO Mon Aug 22 15:05:57 2005
--Kirk Mon Aug 22 15:30:21 2005
Hoss >> Puck
--Candi Mon Aug 22 16:43:50 2005
Kirk, my car has been Sabrina since I first got it in 96, but as soon as I moved here, I "sensed" that she wanted a new California identity and the name Isabelle. In my synesthisia, Isabelle is the Dr. Jeckell to Sabrina's Mr. Hyde. So Isabelle is mellowing out in her old age. So glad to hear from some one else who names their car.
--ErinMaru Tue Aug 23 01:27:34 2005
I had a Volvo named Ace. It got too cocky, though, and rammed another car, so it had to get taken away after the headlight got fixed.
--Mr. Lex Tue Aug 23 13:31:03 2005

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