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It's no surprise. I've been reading in some libertarian blogs about the disturbing mission-creep by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which is now apparently against drinking in general, even in cases when drinking is specifically managed and supervised so as to prevent drunk driving. 

Also, it's apparently run by a man at the moment, and his credentials as a mother are a little hard to determine.

This could be one of those organizations, like KFC, which will drop its full name for its well-branded acronym, so it doesn't have to live up to what's implied by the full name.
--LAN3 Wed Aug 24 11:02:42 2005
Went to the MADD site.. http://www.madd.org/madd_programs/0,1056,2274,00.html has some banners, it seems that most of their other "targets" (unplanned pregnancy, date rape) are all under the rubric of "underage drinking". 

So...a bit of scope creep, though they're not the Women's Christian Temperence Union yet. (Interesting that both organizations *explicitly* are by or of women)

I don't see MADD dropping its full name because it's a homonym for a few other concepts. (also, I saw one interesting commercial seemingly targeted at a black demo, talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken as a name in a retro way, I guess they don't think it's as untouchable as all that.)
--Kirk Wed Aug 24 12:15:38 2005
Just letting you know your video game link is broken.
--Steve Wed Aug 24 22:39:23 2005
MADD seems to be against any underaged drinking, and ditto a lot of electioneering prosecutors, when in fact that seems like the worst possible policy: shall children be dry and sober until the day they turn 21 in college and then suddenly be saddled with the responsibilities that go along with drinking without any experience whatsoever? College-age kids people are probably the least responsible drinkers imaginable. Why not make an allowance for kids to drink at home with responsible supervision?
--LAN3 Fri Aug 26 13:25:42 2005
Are the laws usually against alcohol consumption, or purchasing?

I know a few parents who are pretty relaxed about it...a 14 year old can have a damn Mike's Hard Lemonade with going all alky.

On the one hand for on-campus students, college can be a pretty safe environment for drinking, just because everything's walkable and cars don't have to enter the mix. On the other hand a lot of college students are real idiots.
--Kirk Fri Aug 26 14:22:02 2005

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