"Crack babies" were not a myth, and this revisionist pablum is annoying. Back in high school, a close friend's mother did foster care for infants suffering from developmental abnormalities.  All of the kids came from mother's with a history of drug abuse, usually some form of cocaine or methamphetamine.

On more than one occasion I was roped into baby-sitting, other times I was present when DSS brought the birth mother by for a visit. The baby-sitting was heartbreaking enough, but being present while the birth-mother told the deformed baby she would be back as soon as she was off the pipe was absolutely numbing.
----Evil B Thu Aug 25 09:42:29 2005
I don't think they're arguing that there weren't babies with severe developmental problems, just that cocaine in isolation wasn't the cause of them. 
--Kirk Thu Aug 25 10:12:56 2005
The not drinking water while eating tip is probably because when you do do, you fill up quicker, thus you don't get the nutrients that you need and don't have an "honest" feeling of fullness, so you'll feel hungry later & probably eat something with more calories later or something like that.
--Mr. Lex Thu Aug 25 10:29:00 2005
I believe not drinking while eating is because the fluid dilutes your stomach acids so that you don't digest as thoroughly. Such is what I have heard. Never been able to do it though.
--Mr. Ibis Thu Aug 25 10:38:29 2005
I've been getting a little about the meth-baby/crack-baby comparison via the libertarian blogs I read. The current line among them is that crack babies (deformed) were pretty exceptional, and crack-addicted babies were rare. However, some of them have the gall to tote out the line that addiction is pure behavior, and it's not like crack-addicted babies are missing work or anything. Maybe I was mis-educated, but there is, in the case of some drugs, the matter of physical dependence. I don't know if that's true with so-called meth-addicted babies, or for that matter whether it could be true with crack-addicted babies. I find it hard to believe that, opium being what it has been and is now, globally, there isn't a well-understood phenomenon of heroin-babies-- Am I mistaken, still, that heroin is physically addictive as well?
--LAN3 Thu Aug 25 22:05:09 2005
"Confusion is always the most honest response."

- Somebody uses Google Homepage! Haha
--DigitalDoodler Thu Aug 25 22:10:08 2005
--Kirk Fri Aug 26 09:51:15 2005

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