only suckers pay retail?
Your title doesn't need a question mark. 
----EB Fri Aug 26 10:55:31 2005
So what's your approach, chief?
--Kirk Fri Aug 26 11:55:37 2005
It's easier for me to negotiate for work than personal. I don't drive nearly as hard a bargain for personal goods. Maybe it's just being tired.
--Beau Fri Aug 26 14:24:49 2005
It doesn't really sound like wheeling and dealing so much as, "Hey, check out this fact: I can go elsewhere and get a better deal. If you don't give me the better deal, I'm going there." Don't retail stores advertise that all the time: "We'll beat their price or charge you the same amount."
--Mr. Lex Fri Aug 26 14:29:04 2005
your first paragraph also reveals your terrible bigotry - please think before you write. 
--FoSO Fri Aug 26 14:33:06 2005
Most of the big box retailers have a price match guarantee. You just have to provide proof of the competitor's lower price (ad, circular, phone call).

And now I'm mad at you for not shopping at Staples (I work there, remember?). 
--Cagey-elle Fri Aug 26 16:16:21 2005
Yeah, most retailers do have explicit price-match policies, which, were I not a neurotic nutjob, should soothe most of my odd feelings about it.

Oh, Cagey, I thought that was a one-time modeling thing!

I have to give Staples props for having the best setup for low-to-midrange computer speaker setups. Its what really let me realize that the lowend often doesn't have the red and white stereo inputs I want so that I can use it as a portable sound system when I use a video projector.
--Kirk Fri Aug 26 16:30:36 2005

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