have a green coke and a smile.
I suspect the Monopoly comment is out of date-- printing at that rate could outpace demand for monopoly games, while nothing can outpace the demand for money.

I wonder if Hasbro has their own Alan Greenspan who regulates the monopoly money supply?

On the other hand, everyone has a license to print money:
--LAN3 Mon Aug 29 02:12:21 2005
That's true, sometimes you really need to take these kind of factoids with a grain of salt. I recently saw a "Dr John's Reader" that mentioned the "on average, you'll ingest 3 spiders as you sleep annually" factoid, which was just simply made up as a parody of factoid sheets making the rounds online.
--Kirk Mon Aug 29 07:21:17 2005
Tue enough, and there are a few on the list that are patently false, but most of them meet my plausability test.
--Mr. Ibis Mon Aug 29 08:09:59 2005
One of them was a sure sign of urban thinking. "Cream is less dense than milk." That someone could consider than to be useless knowledge would only have been dreamed up by someone who has never seen the two substances together, i.e. in their natural state. If they were the same density, all milk would be whole milk, unless you wanted to pay a premium for non-fat milk. If cream was more dense, then fat-free milk would be called skimmed milk, not skim.
--LAN3 Tue Aug 30 00:58:29 2005
More to the point we wouldn't have the phrase "the cream rises to the top!" which is why the factoid didn't surprise me.

I've heard that slogan for as long as I can remember, but I guess in retrospect, it is counterintuitive, given that cream seems thicker. But I guess it has a lot more of those fatty particles suspended or whatever, and those are less dense than water. Or something?
--Kirk Tue Aug 30 07:37:30 2005

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