stormy weather
that report came right after the storm got upgraded to cat5, but it weakened overnight.

but pretty gloomy outlook from NOAA, especially being a gub'ment agency..

luckily the storm didn't create the worst case scenario...
--McHammer Mon Aug 29 15:42:58 2005
So how much of the inevitible federal relief money are those of us that live in disaster-free states going to have to pay this year because all those people decided to live in a hurricane-prone area _below_ sea level? LA already gets twice as much money from the government as MA...

(You may also note the tendency for "red" states to profit of the big government they profess to hate so much)
--Eric Tue Aug 30 04:45:21 2005
Yes, I have heard that a fair indicator of if a state votes red or blue is to look at the plus/minus column in money going in vs. money going out.

But I don't really fault people for living there. I stay in Boston because of family and friends and because I know the area...and I didin't even grow up here. I'd rather I lived someplace warmer and with more sun in the winter months, but "where to live" just isn't that easy of a thing to change.

Frankly, I've been wondering if many coastal areas are going to have to build New Orleans-eque systems of walls and pumps if the ocean levels rise over the next century...
--Kirk Tue Aug 30 07:35:19 2005
Actually you made me wonder...what is the safest place to live? New England just recently got millions in federal relief because of the blizzards. The West has wildfires galore and parts might be waiting for an earthquake. The midwest has torandoes, killer winters as well, and sometimes even the Mississippi floods. Down south has hurricanes. Yeesh!
--Kirk Tue Aug 30 10:19:32 2005
What the hell's up with Chris Robinson? If he wanted to live so damn much, he should've left town. As it is, he's probably okay, because the flooding, however rapid, peaked well below the feared 22 feet, and probably well below Chris Robinson's roof. 
--LAN3 Tue Aug 30 10:35:34 2005
And then there's the entire nation build below sea level!
--YELM Tue Aug 30 12:36:30 2005
The safest place must be either the northeast or northern midwest (north of tornado area). Millions for blizzard relief is negligible to the billions that go to florida and its neighbors every year, or to earthquake/flooding/tornado regions.
--Eric Tue Aug 30 13:16:15 2005
Hey, don't forget that, in addition to the earthquake that's allegedly overdue for Seattle, there's also Mr. Rainier, the extinct volcano that, should it erupt, will probably bury thousands of people in mud.
--LAN3 Tue Aug 30 20:20:50 2005

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