all wet
Thank you! 
--Major Mom Tue Aug 30 12:38:22 2005
God here, Kirk, thanks for telling everybody about your good works for the day. But I am afraid that Gabriel down in accounting wanted to let you know that the "new" covenant, especially with regards to the "humility" clause, is still in effect.  So the mention of your donation removes whatever afterdeath benefits you were hoping to contribute under you 401d. Furthermore, your mention of a specific dollar amount bumps you into the next pergatory classification.  Sorry about that, big guy. Turns out that living in New England qualifies you for the WASP penalty on that last one. Oddly enough, if you were a resident of any of the states affected, you would qualify for the BBTYOH dispensation. That's the Bible Belt Toot Yer own Horn clause, which is a loophole afforded in the more evangelical regions. Yeah, I know its totally unfair, but you try to take a loopwhole away from from the religious right with Bush in office.  

So again, thanks for the donation, thanks for the plug for a good cause. You rock and serve as an example of doing the right thing. But remember, the benefit is better if you itemize and keep the left hand of the ledger separate from the right.

----Blasphemin and Schemin EB Tue Aug 30 15:16:27 2005
At the risk of perpetuating an overly milked wasn't even a specific dollar amount, was it? Is a "couple" a specific or general term?
--Kirk Tue Aug 30 16:20:06 2005
"hundred" would be the operative term, not "couple".  :)
----EB Tue Aug 30 19:00:39 2005, the godfather of all, hmm, let's call them warblogs, will be assembling links on Thursday to give as much information as he can amass on how to support relief efforts, either monetarily or some other contribution. Also, consider for a moment your vocations and avocations to think if there's anything you can contribute in-kind.

Instapundit has a very long reach, so anything worth supporting is very likely to end up there. (Likewise, anything that gets linked there can expect an Instalanche of hits and, one hopes, donations or other contributions.)

--LAN3 Tue Aug 30 20:16:57 2005
haha, you've hit it big, previously when i typed the domain incorrectly as "kisreal" i would get a 404 error, but it appears that yesterday nameview took advantage of that traffic:
--rosser Tue Aug 30 21:02:33 2005

My fingers are so tuned to typing in the domain that it's almost difficult for me to type it incorrectly.

It's kind of a complement but....goddamn domain squatters.
--Kirk Tue Aug 30 21:23:19 2005

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