tiger tiger burning...well, pretty bright, actually
My bro-in-law gave me "Wigfield" on audio, read by the authors. Pretty funny, but tiresome after a while. I can't listen for more than half an hour in one city-- the narrator and characters are just exhaustingly dumb, or maybe just the writers are exhausingly clever.
--LAN3 Tue Sep 6 22:53:40 2005
One city?

And yeah, the joke thins out after a while, but definately had some "out loud" moments.
--Kirk Wed Sep 7 08:45:20 2005
Yup-- I usually listen on the bus, heh. And you're right, I've received a few stares thanks to some barely-stifled chuckling while listening. 
--LAN3 Wed Sep 7 13:36:09 2005

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