you begin to look at yourself in the mirror and wonder
Apropos of video games, check out

Yeah, I know I should have sent mail, but my freaking account is disabled yet again. Thank you comcast.

----EB Thu Sep 8 07:18:01 2005
Cute if excessively fanboyish video but it would have been better if they had videogame POW sound effects, like the Mario "coin grab" sfx when the DS got in a hit.

In terms of the actual's cool that DS seems to have such a strong lead, but I wouldn't count out PSP for a's pretty powerful. On the other hand DS also sports clamshell design (seems much more rugged), no load times, and I think they got that instant suspend/resume mojo working.

Plus if Sony wasn't so atively homebrew hostile, maybe they'd have more love from me.
--Kirk Thu Sep 8 08:21:29 2005
Ray Chandler's major works are really good reading, and quick reads, too. I went through 3-4 of his books about a year ago, and though I was accustomed to noir set in urban metropolises, it worked even better in LA where everything's spread out, people have homes in the hills, and so on. You don't need dark alleys, just darkened doorways.
--LAN3 Thu Sep 8 14:04:53 2005
I remember Waterson saying how much trouble he had writing Calvin's "Tracer Bullet" noir-ish dialog...

I admit I had a bit of trouble following the whodunit logic of "Little Sister" though admittedly I wasn't reading that closely...are the ins and outs sometimes hard to follow?
--Kirk Thu Sep 8 14:55:00 2005
I gave this question some thought and I arrived back at my initial conclusion-- Ray Chandler novels are about late 40's LA atmosphere and hard-boiled dialogue, and the plots were forgettable, even though lots of disperate scenes aren't. Give one a try when the winter hits.
--LAN3 Fri Sep 9 01:36:21 2005

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