pandora rocks
Pandora is exactly what all search engines should strive to be. It is completely contextual, awesome
----EB Fri Sep 9 08:07:25 2005
Would it be considered ontological?

I would think figuring out what words and descriptions should be used to describe and connect the music must be difficult.
--Mr. Lex Fri Sep 9 11:28:24 2005
Well, I think they do a good job about catching some of the particular characteristics.

I think it's the oddball "reasons I like this song" that you can't track so well; they won't likely have factors mapping like "songs I like because they were popular at my highschool dances"...
--Kirk Fri Sep 9 11:43:21 2005
Heh. Do you want technology to ever advance so much?

"Pandora selected this song because it has a rapid guitar solo, strong major key, and was most likely played at your prom *before* you caught that bitch Lana, your date, making out with John McCreidey right there in front of your locker."
--LAN3 Fri Sep 9 13:49:23 2005

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