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Bellybutton button? Is that a typo?
--LAN3 Sun Sep 11 13:51:34 2005
yup, fixed
--Kirk Sun Sep 11 21:20:15 2005
Personally, I'm getting disturbed by the revelation that our next door neighbor's cat, who has been neutered, might be getting sexually aroused and. . .ahem, finding love while we pet it and it kneads things.

I'm sorry. . .I really just had to voice it somewhere. . .and after the bunny and balloon thing, this seemed like a somewhat appropriate place.

Eeeeeuuuugggghhhh. . .
--Mr. Lex Mon Sep 12 09:23:21 2005
I find it...interesting from an evolutionary point of view that neutered male cats are still sensitive at the base of their tail.

I guess I can see being squicked by it all, but I think it ties into how a lot of Americans (myself included) are just so uptight about sexuality...well not uptight, but kind of boolean, black/white about physical intimacy; either it's friendly, or it's sexual, and little in between is acceptable.
--Kirk Mon Sep 12 09:47:56 2005
Yeah, I'm of the same mindset. But there's still just this strange, almost primordial revulsion, for some reason. . .as much as I feel immature about it.
--Mr. Lex Mon Sep 12 10:58:57 2005

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