life at camp edwards
I'm sure they would be reminding us of their destructive capabilities, if they had any left.
--Nick B Mon Sep 12 10:56:10 2005
Maybe they decided to take a vacation because Allah gave us enough trouble around this time. I'm sure Pat Robertson and the ilk have thoughts that God has been put the wrath smack down on New Orleans for all the sin there and in America. =/
--Mr. Lex Mon Sep 12 11:24:54 2005
it's an interesting point, but to confuse a lack of ability to do damage NOW with what could happen in the's still a world with lots of loose former-USSR weapons and bright (yet evil) grad students.
--Kirk Mon Sep 12 12:22:12 2005
Thanks for the utopia link, Kirk. It had some new interesting examples. Unfortunately, though, it pretty much treads the same ground that so many articles and journals have crossed upon: and/either surveys of what a certain person considers utopian or dystopian without even really addressing what they mean by utopian or dystopian or a ideologically-motivated rhetorical attack on social myths or ideologically-motivated rhetorical creations without really addressing the creations on their own terms (for instance, the article failed to address the fact that Thomas More eventually regretted writing _Utopia_ and many scholars have tried to reconicle _Utopia_ with the life of More and that Plato pretty much had a thing against emotions, in the first place, and would have loved a world with just reason, not emotions). The author touches upon some of the topics but not satisfactorily, in my opinion, enough to show that these utopias/dystopias have any merit, at all. Then again, doing so would probably nullify the emotional rant and convenient facts that the author mentions. But, if I've learned anything, these kinds of articles and the public really doesn't have room for a good, nuanced reasoned out piece of work that actually says something worthwhile. Too bad for me, too, because I've had to wade through symptomatic stuff like this for years.

Still, thanks, Kirk. . .I haven't heard about a couple of examples that this guy mentioned.
--Mr. Lex Mon Sep 12 13:43:16 2005
Have you always had the favicon set?? I don't think I've ever seen it until today.
--rosser Mon Sep 12 16:53:37 2005
Since April 12,
I guess I'm not 100% positive if I'm doing it correctly, it doesn't show up in IE. (hmm, neither does any other site...doesn't IE do favicons?) I thought I heard about 'em before Firefox gained popularity.
--Kirk Mon Sep 12 17:33:24 2005
Hmm, it showed up at work right away [Windows 2000, IE 6 (or so I think)], but not at home [Windows XP, IE 6]. It only showed up when I actually added your site to my "favorites" list.
--ross Mon Sep 12 19:03:49 2005
Hmm...well it is "favicon", maybe Firefox just decided to make better use of it.
--Kirk Mon Sep 12 20:27:24 2005
I didn't think about it until today ... is YELM ... your ever loving mom? Man am I sloooww
--Beau Wed Sep 14 07:40:18 2005
Haha, yup, that's what it is.
YELAS is my Aunt Susan, YELM is my mom. (I started it with YELN and YELS, respectively)
--Kirk Wed Sep 14 08:38:24 2005
Pretty funny ... never gave it a thought before.
--Beau Wed Sep 14 11:23:21 2005

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