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--Mimou Tue Feb 14 00:16:13 2012
I was recently given this book by my cealic mother-in-law, and I am so grateful. My sister and I are both cealics, and desserts like cake and cookies have been missing from our lives for years. (I mean, REAL cakes and cookies that taste like their gluten-laiden counterparts.) From the very first recipe we tried- frosted macadamia nut bars (p.145) to my 25th birthday treat- whoopie pies (p.118), my entire family has devoured the outcomes. Including those who can eat wheat. This book explains evey detail about gluten-free flours, right down to thier protein contents, and how and why they work. This is an absolute must for anyone who wants to enter back into the realm of heavenly desserts, or anyone catering to their beloved cealic. Just be prepared to stock your shelves with a bunch of new flours, and you'll be on your way!
--Facundo Fri Jul 13 02:43:36 2012
Bob's store is in town for me (about 35 minutes away tughoh!)and i recently went to partake..my goodness! What a treat!! I was amongst many fellow food allergy people swarming the bulk aisle for the insane number of flours at crazy prices....brilliant! I think a lot of people would find many your post helpful. Me and 4 other food allergy bloggers are starting an allergy friendly link party next Wednesday, it would be great if you could link something up!! Allergy Free Wednesdays @tessadomestidiva.blogspot.com
--Aronli Thu Sep 19 09:24:19 2013

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