hold your tongue!
That tongue-parasite fish is quite cool, I read about that a few years ago. It may have been in NPR they were talking about parasites which have evolved to pass through 9 different animals before they are "done". For example, there is a parasite that lives in gunk in the dirt, it makes the gunk smell like food that ants like. So it gets eaten by the ant, then it affects that ant behaviour to such a degree that the ant will uncontrollably climb to the top of the nearest stalk of grass at sunset. Sunset being the time when sheep are most likely to be grazing. Thus the ant gets eaten by the sheep and the parasite finds its resting place in the sheeps gut where it can reproduce.

How perverted is this Intelligent Designer anyway?
--Mr. Ibis Fri Sep 16 12:35:54 2005
I recall hearing about that-- someone was promoting a book about the secret lives of parasites.

Reminds me: a friend in college was studying parasitology and liked to remind me that they make up something like half the biomass of the planet.
--LAN3 Fri Sep 16 18:31:47 2005
Nature is *so* gross.
--C Sat Sep 17 08:44:58 2005

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