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I get that same anxiety when I have data on my clipboard but before I've pasted it. Partly it relates to my habit of copying, closing the original doc, and then going over to paste. So if I forget to paste, and then hit copy again, the data is gone, and then it is either hard or impossible to get back. "Hard" meaning "more work than hitting cmd-v." It is definitely one of those "open issues" that plagues my just-barely-conscious mind.
--Mr. Ibis Mon Sep 19 12:31:43 2005
Your site is really very interesting!
--rosser Mon Sep 19 13:19:46 2005
I know it's you, ya know how to spell "really"
--Kirk Mon Sep 19 14:35:22 2005
It's funny that you should name my neck of the woods as the safest place to live: just today I recalled that tiny earthquake we had a few years ago. 
Also, today's <a href="">Today in Alternate History</a> ends with "in 2004, everyone in the state of Connecticut suddenly dies; the Elders inform the country that more will follow..." See? You're never safe from alien invasion!
--Bill the Splut Mon Sep 19 16:11:55 2005
heh, sorry, HTML gets escaped...

That's a cool site but it would be better if they gave references!
--Kirk Mon Sep 19 20:28:58 2005
Yeah, I called them once on their lack of references, but that somehow caused Hitler not to die. AND ALSO DISCO!

And lemme tell ya--that was one sucky reality. The BeeGees went Number One with "Goosesteppin' Alive, Goosesteppin' Alive!"
--Bill the Splut Mon Sep 19 20:58:43 2005
Man, what a serious overgeneralization about California.
I live in what I contend is probably just about _the_ safest place to live in the nation. I'm in northern Sacramento county (near the capital city of Sacramento, natch); there's no blizzards, no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no forest fires, no tidal waves, etc. We're above the nearby floodplain of the central Sacramento county area, and thus also out of the path of water if the local dam were to burst. Like all of the greater Sacramento Valley we do get pretty hot in the summer time, but that's it.
--fb3 Wed Sep 21 13:23:24 2005

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