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From what I've read about cheese, that shouldn't qualify as vegetarian, either, since they use a cow's stomach acid to curdle the milk. So. . .once I start eating eggs again, I should call myself a vegetarian, but just Ovo then yell at Octo-Ovo veggies for not being real vegetarians as I sometimes like to lecture vegetarians that eat cheese for bad vocabulary.
--Mr. Lex Wed Sep 21 09:22:34 2005
Hmm. Looking at it seems that some cheese has animal rennet, but that more and more US cheesemakers get it from vegetable and microbe sources.

I do agree with the Mafism page pointing out that it's an easier line to draw (and have a name for) then "ovo-lacto-pisco-pollo vegetarians" or what have you.
--Kirk Wed Sep 21 10:00:23 2005
Cool! That's good to know.

I guess it would also be nice to know if a cow needs to get screwed to produce milk or if they produce milk, anyway. . .and if the latter, do they do so because it's natural or do they do it because they're injected with hormones.
--Mr. Lex Wed Sep 21 15:22:53 2005
My understanding is that it used to be that a heifer had to give birth in order to produce milk, but could keep it up for quite a while afterwards. And now, I suppose, heifers are hormonally maintained in that milking state through artificial means.
--LAN3 Wed Sep 21 19:17:59 2005
McD's doesn't use beef fat cooking for fries anymore (which means they don't tastes as good IMHO, unfortunately) Though the website mentions "natural flavor (beef source)" in the ingredients.

--ericball Thu Sep 22 14:56:27 2005
Yeah, McD pretty-well got reamed in a lawsuit by some Hindu plaintiffs who were quite reasonably incensed that, despite an earlier claim that they had removed the beef fat from cooking, that they had snuck some back in. Now, they do not have any beef fat.

Also, I have it on good authority that duck fat is the way to go with french fries.
--LAN3 Thu Sep 22 20:16:43 2005

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