the imagination circuit is taught to respond to the most minimal of cues
When I was seven years old, Zork was an exciting game.

Nowadays, interactive fiction doesn't quite hold my interest.
--Nick B Sat Sep 24 16:20:26 2005
I might've said the same thing, you know, until I discovered, last week, "Hamlet: The Text Adventure."

The site that it was at is now 404, probably overloaded, so google it, since it's just what I might do for this post, but your result would be fresher.
--LAN3 Sat Sep 24 18:40:58 2005
Hm. In retrospect, most pieces of Interactive Fiction are just puzzle games with text descriptions and parser. I don't think we have enough computer power, or maybe just not enough programming smarts, to make a truly engaging novelistic story. Then again I haven't been paying attention to more recent developments, and maybe I didn't try hard enough to get myself immersed.
--Kirk Sat Sep 24 21:59:13 2005

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