september photo spectacular
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--LAN3 Sun Sep 25 12:21:03 2005
What's the benefit?

I do need to go ahead and redo my photogallery. Ksenia gets miffed that if you just looked at my "photobook", there's not much of an indication that Mo and I aren't still an item
--Kirk Sun Sep 25 13:17:17 2005
Did you ever wear those socks with those shorts?
--Candi Sun Sep 25 19:11:37 2005
Um, not that I remember, no.

THen again I would almost fear for the earth splitting and swallowing me whole in that case.
--Kirk Sun Sep 25 21:52:57 2005
unasljb prvi pabertjxs vjbmlt ilpdxwur ibxlq djxit
--vbnuqh ojtqf Sun Jan 18 04:18:21 2009
With the bases laoded you struck us out with that answer!
--Sandy Sun Apr 24 06:46:25 2011
Call me wind because I am abolsutley blown away.
--Zohan Thu Apr 26 22:46:44 2012

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