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--eqrzxtpkd gipabeqk Sun Jan 18 02:02:36 2009
PnqRQa Hello! How do you feel about young composers?!....
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This week for the BROW I am honoring a reeuqst I received a few weeks back, to put together a small series of Beatles take 1s . So I am kicking this off with one I'm sure you'll recognize. Hello Hello was the original working title of Paul McCartney's Hello Goodbye. Although it wasn't completed in time for the Magical Mystery Tour film, it's coda played over the ending credits. Recording began on October 2, 1967, when the band ran through 14 takes of the backing track. Take 14 was considered the best and went on to have vocals and overdubs superimposed on it. It was quickly released on 45 as the A side of the Christmas single, and topped the charts in the US and UK by the end of the year. This recording of take 1 includes piano, drums, organ and tambourine. Paul and Ringo can be heard slowly going over the chords before engineer Ken Scott announces the take number. Apparently there were plans for an extra verse and chorus at this point as it is played through with one here. Although there is some work yet to be done on this, it would seem they were off to a good start. Note how enthusiastic Ringo is with his cymbals on this first take. For a finalized account of the song, check out the Video of the Week from a couple weeks back, which is found here.
--Iqbal Tue Apr 24 03:23:49 2012

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