noodle noodle noodle
Well, I could've told you the bit about you being very rational and approaching things from that standpoint and trying to create so much order!

As for the going to some Website to noodle away time, I don't necessarily see that as such a bad thing. Maybe it gives your brain a conscious rest in that certain direction so that it can work unconsciously to build up confidence or possibly even to think about it without your left side order rational tendencies getting in the way. That's a tip that writers always tell other writers. I read that Einstein made many of his best theories through his dreams and indirect methods like this one. It's really too bad that most organizations look negatively at this type of thing, though, looking at it as slacking. . ..
--Mr. Lex Fri Sep 30 11:06:16 2005
Seriously? I know it might seem ridiculous for such an introspective guy as myself, but putting in those terms seemed new to me. Could you name me some of the more blatant examples you can think of, of how you've seen that in my life? Feel free to pull few punches...I recognize that I feel a bit defensive about this (for some reason I feel there's a cultural bias against this kind of desire for order) but on the other hand, I'm usually pretty open about my faults.

Websurfing, like everything else, needs to be done in moderation. It's when my need to divert outpaces the rate of site updates that I can recognize it as a negative behavor. (Fortunately, I generally don't have as much of an urge to randomly websurf, where it would be that much harder to personally meter...)
--Kirk Fri Sep 30 12:19:14 2005
Woo! I can't think of anything offhand. Browsing back into old comments and such, I could find some stuff. It would take some work. . .and I'm at the level of breaking out of moderation and entering negative area at work. If you don't hear from me in a couple days, nag me. =D
--Mr. Lex Fri Sep 30 13:12:16 2005

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