three rings, no waiting
Lots of LA people gripe about the long Angels name, and the constant changing of the name. It is pretty ridiculous.
--Erinmaru Mon Oct 10 01:00:39 2005
Oh, and I only went to the circus once as a kid for only part of the show (mom had to work). I remember the elephants trotting rather fast into the ring. Kind of scary to see such large animals trotting towards you at such a speed. (and from my kids perspective, HUGE animals)
--Erinmaru Mon Oct 10 01:05:50 2005
Yeah, I think nationwide the Angels name is a bit of a joke, an uncomfortable compromise between some contractural obligations (to Anaheim) while trying to suck up to the biggest local market (L.A.)

There's this weird thing too where Bank One paid $30 million so that the Chicago Bears are officially "Chicago Bears Presented by Bank One"...
Though in practice, I haven't heard much about it, so I didn't bring it up in the article.
--Kirk Mon Oct 10 08:30:40 2005

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