What you need to do is create a TODO list program that keeps track of all the thinks you still need to do for this TODO list program...

And meanwhile, in the time you spend making such a TODO list program, you could be out doing the things that you hope to one day add to your TODO list...
--DigitalDoodler Mon Oct 10 21:02:14 2005
--Kirk Tue Oct 11 08:11:53 2005
Wow. . .that's some complicated to do listing. As far as I'm familiar with the Palm To Do list, though, you do have the option to show completed tasks and also, I don't find it really hard to just change the date of a "do bills" task to 15 days afterward rather than have multiple "do bills" task for every 15 days. . .wouldn't that kind of take up more space, anyway? Just some thoughts since I've become majorly dependent on the alarms, date book and to do list on my Palm. BTW, doesn't the Palm have the option that you can look at your schedule and to do list for the day, both at the same time? I know I can do it with mine.
--Mr. Lex Tue Oct 11 09:42:17 2005
" you do have the option to show completed tasks"

Really? I know I can check tasks and they stick around, and then I can "purge" which AFAIK removes them from the Palm view, but I usually check the "archive on desktop" option.

". .wouldn't that kind of take up more space, anyway?"

I don't think so, plus it saves me from having to compute "what's 15 days from now"

"Palm have the option that you can look at your schedule and to do list for the day"

Yeah, mine is nice, like the Outlook "Today" page. My gripe with *that* is that there's no option to say "whenever I press the datebook button from another app, go to this view" as opposed to the daily/week/month.

Also my version of Palm flubbed the week view...both it and the month view are less informative "when I'm busy" graphic displays, but I think a lot of people could get a whole week's worth on one screen if it used the same stripped down "day schedule" list that shows up with the combo "Today/Todo" view.

Damn. No one is as smart about what options should be included in a UI as I think I am...
--Kirk Tue Oct 11 09:53:57 2005
Oh, and...

"that's some complicated to do listing"

In my meager defense, it's really not much more complicated than what Palm has now. Other than some display collate options, I'm mostly just adding "indenting to indicate subtasks", plus the "recurring floating TODOs". The rest are all usability enhancing details (of course, one man's usability enhancment is another man's too many option nightmare, but still.)
--Kirk Tue Oct 11 09:57:03 2005
Yeah, I can understand the desire for subtasking. I've had the urge for that functionality a few times.

Showing completed tasks, isn't there an option under the "Show" button or under the "Option->Show" selection to show completed tasks? I remember this one distinctly because I don't like showing my completed tasks. To each their own on that one, I guess.

I can sympathize with the when you're busy and the weekly/monthly views really don't help. . ..

As for the billing paying, I guess I kind of have it easy since I get paid on the 1st and the 15th. I do my bills on when I deal with that check, so I just do all that on the 1st or 15th or the next weekday.
--Mr. Lex Tue Oct 11 11:01:05 2005
I think Mr Gates just made your technology obsolete anyway. I wouldn't stress about it.
--Wing and a prayer Wed Oct 12 08:45:45 2005
What technology, Palm?

I haven't given the PocketPCs a fair shake. They were total crap in the late 90s/early 2000s, and while I know the new systems are very powerful, there aren't many that get the form factor right.

Or are you talking about something else?
--Kirk Wed Oct 12 09:49:08 2005

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