when you're really good, they call you cracker jack
hey, thanks for the link to the magazine covers - i'd seen news articles but had been to lazy to search for the images. kirk saves the day!
--FoSO Tue Oct 18 09:11:25 2005
Don't just thank me...thank boingboing.net

Weird, you must've hit the page minutes after I "published".
--Kirk Tue Oct 18 09:17:12 2005
d'oh! the link doesn't work! might be a problem on their end, not yours...
--FoSO Tue Oct 18 10:18:25 2005
Le Sigh...maybe they removed it once people started looking at, because of copyright issues?
--Kirk Tue Oct 18 11:58:24 2005
I've been noticing that insteading of typing "kisrael.com," I'm typing "kisrael.om". Kirk, are you enlightenment?
--Mr. Lex Tue Oct 18 15:53:58 2005
I don't get the frog thing at all.
--Bill the Splut Tue Oct 18 20:08:56 2005
If you click it it should rotate 90 degrees and show you a horse...
--Kirk Wed Oct 19 08:40:16 2005
--Mr. Lex Wed Oct 19 09:05:34 2005
is a back up.

I started work on my own manual version, so if that goes away I could still reconstruct it or something like it...
--Kirk Wed Oct 19 09:52:52 2005
number 14 may trump pregnant demi for me... it's just so clever. i remember getting that issue and chuckling for about a week.
--FoSO Thu Oct 20 12:18:09 2005

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