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swx2tG Hello! Read the pages not for the first day. Yes, the connection speed is not good. How can I subscribe? I would like to read you in the future!...
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donnai canadnot tell you how pleased i am to see that someadone has their tree up loegnr than i! i started to take it down mid janaduadary, i work nights and felt i had not enough time to enjoy it, so for one last evening, i poured a glass of wine, grabbed my favourite scrapading magadaadzines, and snugadgled up on the floor in the dinading room, drew the drapes so the neighadbors had no idea the tree was still up …and enjoyed the evening, then did not have the heart to take it down it was truly goradgeous nine feet of sparkling glowading christadmas! stunning!i did manadage to start takading it down mid febadruadary haha the dinading room was tree free by valenadtines day! it still makes me long for decemadber when i look at the baren dinading room treeadless, no sparkle no glam nothading! oh well 8 more months before we can do it again hahaha..loved youra0post!
--Alysson Sat Jul 7 01:22:08 2012

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