my vacation week, an apology of sorts
Okay, I'm not getting it. It *can be* murder when it's war time, despite your cynical statement, but your statement's not consistent with the fact that you get penalized for killing civvies. Isn't that the way it should be?
--LAN3 Mon Oct 24 00:37:17 2005
Oops, corrected. I meant to say it's not murder when it's soldiers that you're mowing down, just so long as it's wartime. And they might want to kill you back.
--Kirk Mon Oct 24 06:59:20 2005
Hmmm...would that be "weight" or are you in a Godot frame of mind? Curiously, that "Waiting for War" illustration looks kind of like you in a distorted way. Nice seeing you yesterday, too.
--YELM Mon Oct 24 07:35:29 2005
Ooops. I meant "Ready for War"...the "waiting" must have been left over from "Godot".
--YELM Mon Oct 24 07:37:43 2005

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