mr angry and mrs calm
That laffy taffy riddle is great!
--Candi Wed Oct 26 11:37:32 2005
man, all the stuff i do and post that I think is visually cool (desktop wallpaper, photos, today's applet) gets nary a comment) but busted kneecaps & laffy taffy...

wah. i guess there's a lesson in this somewhere.

on the other hand, I'm writing this on my new palm cellphone browser...
--Kirk Wed Oct 26 12:05:48 2005
Well the java applet today made me go "huh...weird" but the laffy taffy riddle made me go "HA! Indeed!!"

I'm just easily amused.
--Candi Wed Oct 26 13:13:36 2005
Ah well. I shouldn't try to be discouraging people from mentioning what they find amusing!
--Kirk Wed Oct 26 13:26:00 2005
i like the new sidebar, it seems more organized... plus you gotta love the sound of "kirkworks"
--rosser Wed Oct 26 17:02:26 2005
The java thing can be scary when it first pops up.
--Mr. Lex Thu Oct 27 07:11:56 2005

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