wun ate-un-hed fit-ee-oh AI-ent
I just think of "the road" as just a general space in which cars drive in and on. It's more of an abstract creation than something real. . .like a contract, I guess, you could say. It's fact only as long as we believe in it.

That make sense at all?
--Mr. Lex Thu Oct 27 11:19:51 2005
Quite literally, many people are thrown through their windshields during auto accidents and end up as marmalade smeared on the open road.
--Anonymous Thu Oct 27 11:49:17 2005
Ok, Anon, fair enough, though I wonder then what kind of hazards have to do with improperly installed windshields and the open road.
--Kirk Thu Oct 27 13:03:12 2005
I'm with you on the lucrative programming conundrum. I love coding and designing, but sometimes you'd like to try other things, and the money issue prevents that. A year ago or so I wanted to quit and go work at B&N for a little while just to clear my head, but a 95% cut in pay was something I couldn't get over. Not that I'm complaining, but it is one of those issues that kind of sneaks up on you.
--Eric Thu Oct 27 19:34:27 2005
The flipside of that is that working retail might not be the breath of fresh air you'd assume it to be. I can't speak with authority because I haven't had a job like that for a *long* time, but still.
--Kirk Fri Oct 28 06:20:25 2005
Well, the most typical damage to you that would happen if you didn't have a windshield is the rocks from the road. . .so, literally, the windshield is defending you against a rock that used to be part of the road. . .but that's pretty unwieldy to say instead of 'The Road.'
--Mr. Lex Fri Oct 28 13:03:05 2005
Could be. Ran for lunch w/ a coworker and a stone bounced from no where and left a smallish mark on his windshield; guess better the windshield than us!

So I do agree windhsields are important, but still think that it's a poor explanation for why you need it "done right".

It's interesting to compare giant's pitch with J N Phillips Autoglass, they talk a lot about having the tools to heat the adhesive before application. Fact is, in a pinch I'd likely call GIANT just because I would remember their phone number.
--Kirk Fri Oct 28 15:19:31 2005

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