they're made out of meat
That story reminds me of a tshirt design they have at the webcomic Dinosaur Comics. It has a family and they're all frowning and it says "My whole family is made out of MEAT."
--Candi Sun Oct 30 09:20:44 2005
I remember the meat story from READ Magazine in junior high school.

Other things I remember from READ include:

1. someone won a story contest by plagiarizing part of Jim Davis' book about Garfield's Nine Lives.
2. they promoted a lot of woo-woo stories about crop circles and the face on Mars.
3. A cryptography problem where the solution was to turn the page upside down.
--Nick B Sun Oct 30 16:00:19 2005
I don't know if I like it or not.
--Mr. Lex Sun Oct 30 20:08:27 2005
I like the Meat story. It reminds me of soemthing I saw on CSI a few weeks back which went something like "If there are intelligent beings out there among the stars with the ability to travel, I'm sure they have the wisdom to leave us along."

Re: DST. I'm also a proponent of always DST. Consider that normal time is decended from "high noon" time, i.e. noon is when the sun is midway between sunrise & sunset. However, our normal day isn't centered around noon, but more mid-afternoon. I get up at 6 AM and go to bed at 10 PM, so mid-day for me is more like 2 PM than noon. During DST mid-day is 1 PM instead of noon, so I get more daylight hours during the time I'm normally awake. And don't get me started on the new DST law madness.
--ericball Tue Nov 1 12:33:21 2005
Yeah, I'm a little wary about the legislation to tweak it, even if I'm glad that the direction is for more DST rather than less. Still Y2Kish confusion may abound, with so many systems that have the old rule programmed in.
--Kirk Tue Nov 1 13:14:58 2005

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