it's almost christmas!
ah, hotel WiFi. Another reason I stay at youth hostels.

$20 for twelve hours of firewalled-to-hell-and-back broken net access, or free net access I can enjoy in the common room watching hot chyx speak German? Hmmm...
--Nick B Fri Nov 4 11:58:45 2005
Also, I remember watching Will Smith talk about freestyle rap when he grew up in Philly, and how his mother strictly enforced good grammar -- I wonder if his success influenced that suggestion.

If he asked "where's ___ at?" his mother would say "it better be behind that preposition!"
--Nick B Fri Nov 4 12:07:22 2005
Er, well, if hostels with hot German chyx was an option in this case I'd be interested. Especially w/ free common room net access, or whatever. I don't think Salvation Army Officer Holiday Gatherings swing quite that way though.

Last hotel I was at had wifi "no extra charge".
--Kirk Fri Nov 4 13:01:40 2005
It seems a rule that the more expensive the hotel, the less empowered the guest is.

For example, cheap hotels are more likely to have laundry you can use yourself. Expensive hotels will do your laundry for you, for $5 per shirt.
--Nick B Fri Nov 4 14:13:54 2005
Well it was a decent hotel, geared for business folk, so I guess wifi is more important.
--Kirk Fri Nov 4 17:30:47 2005
For the record the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort in North Conway, NH (on the good side of middling in terms of has a pool and reception halls) has complementary wifi, but you gotta get a special password from the frontdesk to get past the splash website page.

What cities have youth hostels these days?
--Kirk Fri Nov 4 18:08:31 2005
Enjoy the time with you mom, give her my regards.
--Beau Fri Nov 4 20:07:09 2005
It is *not* almost Christmas. It's only just past Hallowe'en - it's only Guy Fawkes' tonight. Away with your hurrying along of time, sir!
--Catherine Sat Nov 5 14:07:14 2005
"No extra cost" is just another way of saying "we've added the cost to what you're already paying, whether you use it or not."

But at least the cost is spread out over people who don't use it.
--LAN3 Sat Nov 5 14:29:36 2005
Well, like I said Catherine (and thanks for the great sidebar) "fairly early" for Christmas. Though stores trotting out the Christmas junk WAY early is a much noted and disliked "tradition" these days.

LAN3...I was aware of that, which is why I didn't say they offered "free wifi"...but it seems a little mean spirited to come out and say "which they're charging everyone for anyway", especially with the benefit I gain from it, just by being in the probably minority of laptop toters.
--Kirk Sat Nov 5 16:08:21 2005
(they do have a "15 minute use" PC in the front lobby as well)
--Kirk Sat Nov 5 16:08:50 2005

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