seperated at birth
I know what you mean about the giving up of books. I'm having to go through the process myself. Luckily, most of them are out of date (even though the cultural historian in me wants to keep them).

Woah! Beau's a guy?! No offense, man, but the name and the tone you use in your writing. Seriously, kudos. You don't come off as a macho all knowing guy. =D
--Mr. Lex Sat Nov 5 11:16:31 2005
Wow. . .I can't believe I wrote that one. That was dumb.
--Mr. Lex Sat Nov 5 17:39:04 2005
Getting rid of books should be no different than getting rid of other clutter. You simply need to ask yourself why you are keeping it and whether you could replace it if necessary (if you don't have an immediate, forseable need for it). You should also consider whether the information is still relevant, or is likely to be outdated or otherwise inaccurate. However, there is nothing wrong with keeping something "just 'cause", just make sure you store it someplace out of the way but where you will remember it.
--ericball Sat Nov 5 21:39:20 2005
Mr Lex, I always try and come off as humble. This is a little bit of a challenge because I am very secure in myself/borderline egotistical but never want people to think that. I think all of us struggle with the challenges of balancing work & home.
--Beau Sun Nov 6 13:56:52 2005
Well, I would say you're doing a good job at not coming off as egotistical or overbearing, which I think is a good thing.
--Mr. Lex Sun Nov 6 18:23:45 2005
Mr Lex, thanks much! BTW ... go Browns!!!
--Beau Sun Nov 6 18:50:32 2005
You're much welcome.
--Mr. Lex Mon Nov 7 08:12:43 2005

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