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DVD's are about the same height as most paperbacks, so you can buy a hugh dvd shelf and put your books there in a pretty efficient manner.
--Eric Thu Nov 10 12:40:10 2005
Yeah, that's pretty much what I do.

CDs don't look as good on a bookshelf as DVDs, that's what I just realized.

That might explain why you saw a lot more special "CD stands" than "DVD stands" over the years. I remember I had one of those halogen lamps with a big series of slanted slots to hold CDs. Given how fragile jewelboxes are, prone to have the plastic "arms" of the cover snapping off...bleh.
--Kirk Thu Nov 10 13:12:42 2005
You have ot empirically tested the wooden knob. It MAY make $400 worth of difference in the sound of your system. Sure it sounds like bull, but so it plate tectonics 80 years ago.
Audio advertisers make lots fo claims, some more credible than others, but you can't really know until you try. I spent $350 for some silver/gold alloy interconnect cables and to me it made a colossal difference in the sound. Whether that difference is worth $350 is a matter of personal taste, to me it is, to you, probably not.

Also, I don't see these people criticising Ferarri drivers for spending 100k on a car when an Escort is "good enough" to get you to the mall.
--Mr. Ibis Thu Nov 10 16:13:07 2005
Didn't mean to touch a nerve, man.

And *I* wasn't the one who found the wooden knob so outrageous--it's the $30K for cables. That seems to put a lot of trust that everyone on the recording end paid an equal amount of attention (and cash) at every step in the production. (Frankly I'd wonder...what *do* you *listen* to at those prices?)

I'm sure these people, or some of them, would criticize the 100K car, but at least then the benefit seems more tangible, whether it's a way of waving your financial dick around or if you have that much interest in moving so quickly.
--Kirk Thu Nov 10 16:32:45 2005
Well, maybe if you've spent six or seven figures on your audio system, a $450 knob actually would be worth it. If it makes a 1% improvement (though I'm not sure how) and you have a $250,000 system, you are getting a $2,500 value for less than 20% of that!
--Eric Thu Nov 10 23:14:15 2005
Which raises the question what kind of superpowered hearing do you need to tell a 6-figure stereo from, say, I dunno 10,000. (And even that is me giving it the benefit of the doubt...more than 2 or 3K and I think I'd be lost, and I'm historically fine with stuff costing a few fact the one time I remember thinking "wow, what a great stereo" it was a frankenstereo with lots of speakers scrounged on the curbside on college move-out day.
--Kirk Fri Nov 11 08:43:17 2005
There are many things which have equivalents available at lower and higher prices. Certainly there are cars which cost over $100K, but for most people & purposes, something costing less than $20K will serve just as well.
--ericball Fri Nov 11 12:51:12 2005
With cars the midrange/highend difference, and thus the value, is usually more visible and obvious, relative to, say, wine, or audio equipment, which tend to be more subjective and, therefore, snobbish. 

I tend to not be particularly sensitive to nuance in this kind of thing, so the low-midrange or high-lowend is usually where I'm happiest, like with my Scion xA.
--Kirk Fri Nov 11 13:14:14 2005
I think it also has a lot to do with acclimating yourself to a certain sense. Through the last century or so, we've been acclimated and marketed toward the Ferrari, while the high end audio side really hasn't seemed to have as much success with the acclimating and marketing. . ..

But man, try living with Mr. Ibis for two years and see if you don't appreciate the difference. It is there. . .. =D
--The_Lex Sat Nov 12 12:27:15 2005
C'mon...a car you can *see*...this looks different, it has this wacky styling, it goes really's more concrete.

Audio stuff..."no, this sounds MUCH me, it does!" It might indeed sound better but it's a much harder sell.
--Kirk Sat Nov 12 16:05:31 2005

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