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Sure, the Al Qaeda in Iraq sent the bombers. Does it matter that they were sent from IRaq and not Afghanistan? I would say that the invasion of Afghanistan destabilized the middle east, by forcing Al Qaeda to find new digs-- but that doesn't sit well with those who accept the invasion of Afghanistan as a reasonable response to the most recent attack on US soil.
--LAN3 Sun Nov 13 16:27:23 2005
I'd say the point is to be preventitive more than punitary...
and it seems like we would have had a pretty good shot at containing Afghanistan. Iraq was a much larger enterprise, and inherently more "leaky". I wasn't for the Afghanistan invasion at first but now it doesn't seem like taking out the government acting as their HQ was such a bad idea.
--Kirk Sun Nov 13 16:42:16 2005
It was never a bad idea. Frankly, it wasn't a bad idea before they attacked on 9/11, or the USS Cole, or the base in Saudi Arabia, or the WTC in 1993. And that's just the attacks against Americans. 
--LAN3 Mon Nov 14 16:44:02 2005
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