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It seems whenever I try to describe a comedian in my own mind, and then read reviews of that comedian, my description ends up not matching at all.

But it's telling that, in "The Aristocrats", she was the one who took the joke too far. Take that, Doug Stanhope, with your "reading the joke to a baby" that was so original that the only one who had the same idea was Andy Richter.
--Nick B Mon Nov 14 12:19:56 2005
I think the Joe Franlin bit was a brilliant bit of edgey boundary pushing...I think there's something worthwhile in that kind of Kaufmen-esque play, a kind of metacommentary on an intersection between art, humor, and human interaction.

Plus she's like a total hottie.
--Kirk Mon Nov 14 13:21:08 2005
She also made occasional appearances on Mr. Show with Bob and David.

And you're right, she's super-hot.

I hear she has a lot of body hair.
--Nick B Tue Nov 15 01:15:47 2005
I have to admit. . .I think I have a love-hate relationship with her hotness. Physically, yes, hot. . .but her voice. . .eeeeuuugggghhhh! It sounds like a screechy, whining fingernails down the chalkboard to me.
--The_Lex Tue Nov 15 07:53:48 2005
I'd never heard of her (though I guess I turns out I'd seen her before) til I saw your link. She sounds great. Thanks for tipping me to her!
--Matthias Supergod Tue Nov 15 13:29:03 2005
Jim Emerson, of the Chicago Sun-Times (and whose writing appears on, since they cover similar grounds) wrote an article about Sarah Silverman that quoted and responded to the Slate article:
--LAN3 Tue Nov 15 18:23:50 2005
Oh, PS that article spoils Silverman's bit in "The Aristocrats."
--LAN3 Tue Nov 15 18:24:17 2005

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