the old phedinkus
He probably had one of those EZ text entry modes so he probably only had to type one number per letter, plus maybe a few zeroes to cycle through ambiguous matches.
--Nick B Mon Nov 21 15:44:01 2005
Hmm, could be. I kind of dislike T9 though I guess it does encourage full words without too many abbreviations. Wonder what the full T9 dictionary looks like...there's a PDF claiming to be a dictionary but it's just a glossary of abbreviations.
--Kirk Mon Nov 21 16:01:48 2005
yeah i tend to use t9 in my txt messages, but i wish it would learn what words i use... it default puts in "of" everytime i'm trying to write "me" and i don't think i've ever wanted to say "of" in a txt. "in" for "go" is another one. oh, and it doesn't know the name "ashley" so i'm always stuck with "ashle" and i have to add the "y" separately.
--rosser Mon Nov 21 17:29:37 2005
Well, Ross, maybe you should just stop sending text messages to Ashley. Obviously your cellphone is trying to downplay the relationship.
--digitaldoodler Tue Nov 22 08:36:42 2005
Or maybe see how strongly she objects to being referred to as "ash"...
--Kirk Tue Nov 22 09:52:23 2005
BTW, I guess my problem with T9 is I don't fully get the "advanced" tools, I didn't realize 0 would cycle through the other possibilities, and I don't know how to override and force a specific letter, like Rosser's Y added seperately...
--Kirk Tue Nov 22 09:53:25 2005
strictly the old phedinkus
--chris rushlau Wed Mar 5 23:09:36 2008

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