I friend pointed out in his LJ that the wireless leads to a new problem-- you can no longer follow wires to find the router if it needs reseting. In an unfamiliar office, you could spend a good while looking for the WAP device.
--LAN3 Sun Nov 27 15:16:23 2005
The wireless functionality on my wireless router has died. Good thing I've got the three year warranty. Still. . .if it doesn't stay as reliable as wired stuff. . ..
--The_Lex Sun Nov 27 16:05:02 2005
I would still run wire. Gigabit is 20 faster than 802.11G, actually more like 50 times when you use real rates. Also, its more secure and as more appliances become wifi-ready, there's going to be more congestion.
--Eric Sun Nov 27 20:47:20 2005
Alright, I hear all your points but WiFi is still frickin' nice.
--Kirk Sun Nov 27 22:49:39 2005
Also, for houses not wired inside the walls, wiring for Internet can look pretty bad.
--The_Lex Mon Nov 28 07:12:06 2005

802.11g might not be as fast as wiring, but for regular browsing it's pretty dang sufficient. I suppose for heavy file swapping it might be lacking.

I've had pretty decent luck with LinkSys wireless routers.

As far as I know, running encrypted networks is stil a P.i.t.A. I don't know why they can't just do something ala SSH...moderate encryption, no password needed.
--Kirk Mon Nov 28 12:11:58 2005
There are also devices out there which have Cat5 connectors, but no cheap & easy way to connect a wireless adapter. And when building a house having them run a phone line to every room in the house is dirt cheap since it's a single loop, but Cat5 is more expensive since every cable normally goes back to a single point (i.e. basement wiring closet). With wireless you also run into all kinds of funky interference & signal fade issues (not to mention that guy with the dark glasses in the van outside).

--ericball Mon Nov 28 13:48:35 2005
What's P.i.t.A.?

As for the interference and such, remember the whole mess I had when I first got the LinkSys wireless router?
--The_Lex Mon Nov 28 16:15:38 2005
PitA = Pain in the...Butt.
--Kirk Mon Nov 28 19:17:27 2005

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