the river of no return
'nuff said.
--LAN3 Mon Nov 28 14:15:38 2005
When I first started hanging out with one group of people, they had started a project of their own to see how far they could get in the original Nintendo Gauntlet. I think they had the goal of reaching level 1000 or something.

Man. . .whatever happened to those games with no end? Another friend of mine once observed that they had some of the most imaginative story lines, even though the graphics and the game variety sucked.
--The_Lex Mon Nov 28 16:18:04 2005
It all depends on how the no-end was accomplished, i.e. trade-offs between repetition & increased difficulty. On the other hand, I am often amazed at how some games managed to squeeze a lot of variety into very little space (e.g. Pitfall and Star Flight).

--ericball Tue Nov 29 13:58:23 2005
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--hqex dhpj Sun Jan 18 02:30:32 2009
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I made and published a complete map here - it goes to 600 sections, far enough to get to 1,000,000 points:

Well, the spam filter blocked the link, but you can find it at vgmaps under the forums topic "Atari 2600 River Raid"
--Lord Tom Fri Feb 15 12:27:18 2013

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