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I've heard that C-sections are very low risk and hardly leave a scar these days.

I think something radical will have to happen before it takes less than approximately 9 months for gestation of a human.

Either which way, having these things change through fully technological forms rather than through some kind of biologically modified evolution somewhat disturbs. I guess even the biologically modified evolutionary change may disturb me a little, too.
--The_Lex Tue Nov 29 12:17:34 2005
That's the difference Between George W. Bush and his father-- his dad was your basic Realist who wants stability more than just about anything, and he faced a sovereign Iraq, while Bush Jr. faced an Iraq with a heavily qualified sovereignty, a corrupt-as-ever UN, and he's not a political Realist, but someone who wanted to free the people of Iraq, because, post 9/11, such Realism isn't something he considered tenable anymore as long as nations who support international terrorist organizations could go unchallenged, primarily because one of those terrorist organizations, one endorsed by a nation whose statehood was at best a figment of the Realist imagination.
--LAN3 Tue Nov 29 20:12:08 2005
--The_Lex Wed Nov 30 06:58:23 2005
Yeah, I think you didn't finish your final thought.

I guess I'm not convinced of the strong Iraq/terrorist organization conection.

I know "realist" is a political term hear, but you do realize its opposite isn't just idealist, but the implication of living in a bit of a fantasy land? I think the overwhelming optimism of the neocon agenda in Iraq is becoming more and more obvious, which is why we're on the verge of saying "you got your constitution, we trained your cops a bit, best of luck on your new ventures!"
--Kirk Wed Nov 30 10:58:13 2005

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