san andreas, no fault
eeew! thanks for sharing...
--FoSO Wed Nov 30 12:31:24 2005
I'm glad your headsweat doesnt smell!
--Candi Wed Nov 30 12:40:28 2005
Me too.
--Kirk Wed Nov 30 13:14:36 2005
I was looking at the San Andreas page, and I agree with you that it's impressive to see that level of size & detail in a videogame. (Even if it's a GTA sequel.) I'll have to check out the DOOM maps.
--ericball Wed Nov 30 13:16:05 2005
FWIW, I put in an eww filter.
--Kirk Wed Nov 30 13:17:08 2005
I loved panning over the map when I first saw it, because seeing things on it that I hadn't seen in a while (i.e. most of San Fierro) reminded me of the first instant I came across a spot or sight, or frustrating times I had in the vicinity.

The intricacies of the territory of San Andreas still boggle the mind-- even as I fly over it, trying to restart a mission or something, I buzz past the little waterways that I've accidentally rolled cars into and such; parts are still pretty foreign as I got through them while relying heavily on the map instead of learning the territory. Makes me wonder how well I know my way around Vice and Liberty cities these days.
--LAN3 Wed Nov 30 14:22:20 2005
I almost wish they'd relase the PSP "Liberty City Stories" or whatever it is on PS2 or somethin'. It's not enough for me to buy a PSP or anything, but the idea of tooling around a city I already know but could know better seems pretty cool.
--Kirk Wed Nov 30 14:51:43 2005
I have the same desire, but with the opposite solution-- I'd like someone to make a map-accurate GTA of my city.

Heck, given the size of GTA:SA, they could include the entire Lake Washington and all that surrounds it, south to SeaTac, and North to, not quite Canada, but close. heh.
--LAN3 Fri Dec 2 12:48:59 2005
It's a cool idea. (And I've heard the other wise much inferior True Crime: New York City does that, along to a lesser extent a recent Spider Man game) I wouldn't be surprised if GTA shys away from that, just because of their tendency to attract liability lawsuits for real life violence already. That's my guess too as to why planes in GTA:SA plummet rather than glide once you bail, to prevent 9/11-like reenactments. 
--Kirk Fri Dec 2 14:03:04 2005

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