premature adulation
Comedian Hugh Fink has a bit with his violin, where he plays a piece with a dozen false finales. It's hilarious.
--Nick Bensema Mon Dec 5 11:52:40 2005
When I started the vegan thing, I started with soy milk on my cold cereal. As things progressed, though, I started losing the desire for cold cereal. More often than not these days, I eat oatmeal. . .still with some soy milk.
--The_Lex Mon Dec 5 12:26:20 2005
Butch ... I thought about it and premature adulation is pretty good. Can't come up with anything better.
--Beau Mon Dec 5 13:45:53 2005
Beau -- yeah, we've been through are share of times when a piece meant with a gap near the end or between movements has a bit of that clapping...
...almost as bad is certain sad and/or deeply worshipful music when you're not quite sure if applause is appropriate or not. Actually applause in church is kind of a funny issue.
--Kirk Mon Dec 5 15:33:56 2005

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