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Whenever Dane Cook sees a guy in a Superman T-shirt, he wants to shoot them in the chest, and if they start bleeding he says "GUESS NOT!"
--Nick B Tue Dec 6 13:20:18 2005

I had no idea Superman T-shirts were prevelant enough to be provoke such ire. I've only seen one guy in one (not counting this photo) and he's a pretty serious fan. Seriously, that's a pretty fucking anti-hipster/geek-social joke to make.

Besides, being impervious to bullets is really one of the less interesting Supermanish traits. I'd say he should toss 'em off a building and see if they fly.
--Kirk Tue Dec 6 14:39:42 2005
My fiancee has a Superman shirt.

Your dad was a joker, huh?
--The_Lex Tue Dec 6 16:52:28 2005
actually people were pretty surprised when he felt led to the minstry...
--Kirk Tue Dec 6 19:36:25 2005
There's something to that actually. We all know that Superman puffed up his chest as people fired bullets at it. But then they'd throw their gun-- and he'd duck. hunh?
--LAN3 Tue Dec 6 20:43:09 2005
I've heard someone make a snarky comment about "that's because George Reeve is immune to imaginary bullets but not heavy prop pistols"

Takes away some of the magic though.
--Kirk Wed Dec 7 07:46:57 2005
Maybe back then, Superman could still get disoriented by the heavy object hitting him.
--The_Lex Wed Dec 7 09:30:09 2005
Maybe gun handles have kryptonite? As opposed to the ordinary Terrestrial bullets.
--Kirk Wed Dec 7 16:34:41 2005
"Police Squad!," the zany parody of 1950s/60s cop shows had a great gag based on the throw pistol: they showed Frank Drebin having in a gunfight, where he and some goon were shown behind cover in opposing angles until a wide shot came along to indicate that they were mere feet apart and more or less aiming past each other. After each ran out of bullets, they'd throw their guns--and then produce from every pocket more empty guns to throw at the other. That is absolutely a fantastic gag.
--LAN3 Wed Dec 7 22:09:22 2005

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