happy one billion seconds to me!
Another random birthday/excuse for a party?
Hey Kirk, I'm looking for a roommate, if you know of anyone in L.A. send them my way.
--Erinmaru Wed Dec 7 06:16:10 2005
hmm, just checked out that day toy... not sure of my time of birth, but regardless sometime today I'll be 666,666,666 seconds old. maybe it's an omen?
--rosser Wed Dec 7 14:43:30 2005
You 2/3 old as me punk
--Kirk Wed Dec 7 14:51:47 2005
Jeph Jacques writes the great webcomic Questionable Content. Have you read any of it?
--Candi Wed Dec 7 18:46:59 2005
Just looked at it..
he draws cute gals!
--Kirk Wed Dec 7 20:41:00 2005
Um, not a day over 9,000,000? Or did you maybe mean 900,000,000?
--Max Wed Dec 7 21:03:47 2005
On my cell phone, pressing End in the situation you're describing causes the one call to end, but does not prevent the incoming call from ringing.
--Max Wed Dec 7 21:05:22 2005
Whoops, yeah, fixed. (the number, that is)

Interesting about your phone...do you have an option to toggle between two conversations?
--Kirk Wed Dec 7 21:38:12 2005
This is a peeve that some other fellow ( you may have linked to him here). He wonders why the company can't detect (at least within the network) that that situation is happening and pop into the voicemail saying "this user is calling you, cancel message?"

Seems like a no-brainer to me.
--Mr. Ibis Thu Dec 8 10:44:02 2005
Yeah, that would be my first choice of behavior, I'm just looking for something that might be easier to implement.
--Kirk Thu Dec 8 11:59:06 2005

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