never underestimate the palate-exploding power of k-centric marketing
One thing I find interesting about the whole high school thing is that when I was in high school (especially senior year), I became fed up with the past and couldn't wait for the future...

Then college arrived, and it's always in the back of my mind that I'm working towards a path of tax-paying and year-round work. So while college is fun and all, I still find myself being nostaligic for the high school days of no real responsibility. [And I had the same experience with band and dates... in the same school, in the same band room. Weird.]
--rosser Thu Dec 8 09:41:50 2005
Heh. Very interesting point.

Was it still Mz. Tizanno when you were there? I thought she was a big step down in terms of fun music from Mr. A, you might be too young to have encountered that whole saga.
--Kirk Thu Dec 8 11:58:19 2005
I had the unfortunate problem of having to deal with parents giving me curfew of something like 10 or 11 during the weekends while in high school. I often stayed out later than that, but it caused issues.

These days, though, now I wish I could get to bed at 10 most nights.
--The_Lex Thu Dec 8 11:58:47 2005
My high school memories are not as blurred as my college ones. Advantage: college years.
--Cole Thu Dec 8 14:15:02 2005
College for me has been way better than high school. I didn't feel like I belonged at my high school, the people were annoying and the classes too easy. Here, I'm in my element. There are annoying people, but not nearly as many! And some classes are still easy but I try not to take those. 
--Candi Thu Dec 8 14:31:25 2005
that rotoscoping-like animation drives me nuts. since the tv at work is always on cnbc or bloomberg, i get those schwab ads WAY too much. 

in other news, i just opened an account with chuck. 
--FoSO Thu Dec 8 16:52:45 2005
never underestimate the palate-exploding power of k-centric marketing!

It's a little bit like the stuff I was doing before, - but animated, of course.
--Kirk Thu Dec 8 18:43:32 2005
I had no such experiences in band, but then again, my band was about half the size of yours and about 5 miles away. Euclid just must have all the chicks. Or at least the "easier" ones... haha

But yeah, high school was good. But I like how college gives you more freedom. Granted, you also have more responsibilities, but I think it's worth it for all of the freedom. And in the back of my mind, I just keep thinking that my starting salary will be good enough that it will all pay off in the long run. Money isn't everything, but it would be nice not to have to worry about that kind of thing...
--DigitalDoodler Thu Dec 8 23:37:30 2005

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