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take off every towel
--Nick B Fri Dec 9 22:17:51 2005
There are deals during every month  and the price iervas if there are large shows  say technology and housing etc.So try checking the travel agencies  and prices vary according to airlines too  and these 2 agencies compete for the best deals.I do not consider any online agency that does not have an exact time or flight  and makes one bid on the flight? I need to know when I'm flying and they would book you at 6:00 a.m. which means being at the airport at 4:00 a.m. for security lines! There are many deals at expedia.com and travelocity.comlasvegas.comThere are casinos everywhere  so don't feel you have to lose all of your money at one location.There are roller coasters on top of tall buildings.There are white tigers on the first floor side area of the Mirage.There are outside shows at Treasure Island.Gambling:There are many where you can lose $50 without even trying, then win $10, then win another $50.It's easy to lose $100+ a day minimum, so if you're smartyou'll back away if you lose $20  and try your luck another time, or another day.Best location, and I stayed there January 2006, was the Mirage and it's next to Treasure Island, across from Venetian Grand canal, and down the street are Bellagio and the Eiffel tower.You can walk everywhere, or take the bus when your feet get tired (very cheap).Don't forget to lunch at the Eiffel tower  pricey but great, great food, and across from the fantastic Bellagio fountains that have themes  yes dancing fountains w/music when you're outside to hear.Lunch also at the revolving restaurant -where you can see all of Vegas during the day  THE STRATOSPHER. The food was magnificent and you can see if you go at lunchtime  where the people of Las Vegas live and the mountains that surround it.Las Vegas  I saw Jay Leno and he was non-stop for 1  1/2 hours of jokes, and we got the last 2 seats in the far section, and it was still somewhat close because the entertainment area was well done!We went to see Mystere show  and the best is called O which means water in French. The stage actually opens for people to dive into, and then closes for people to walk on it.So amazing.At the end of 7 days, I was ready to come home. It's exciting, but not enough to say, wow someday I'd consider living there.GOD bless us one and all, always.MBA-Boston Univ.
--Subaidah Fri Apr 6 22:09:07 2012
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