gwen is a funny name
You put the lime in the cocount and drink the article up.
--Patty Fri Jul 29 01:24:31 2011
Very true! Makes a change to see soemone spell it out like that. :)
--Jakatole Fri Jan 11 18:27:00 2013
The Concours Owners Group (COG) is having the Who's Your Daddy? Ride to Eat to Fat Daddy's Southern Bar-B-Q on Saturday, June 2nd, with arravil at Noontime.
--Barn Mon Mar 4 12:06:00 2013
I would love to see a new YMCA in Port Orchard. I recently moved to Port Orchard from Central Kitsap, and I am sddaened that I will not have easy access to the new YMCA in Silverdale any longer. As a single mother with four kids, the YMCA would offer my family and many others access to a facility that would meet the needs of everyone in the family. A traditional gym does not offer children's programs, nor does it offer family enrichment activities. Additionally, the YMCA has programs for low income families due their access to grants and other funding only available to non-profit organizations. Traditional gyms do not offer this benefit. While the pool at SKHS is open to the public, it is not appealing in a recreation fashion as much as the pool in Gig Harbor with its slides and other water features (including a zero entry for my water phobic preschooler!).
--Sarno Mon Mar 4 12:06:05 2013

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