a prayer for tuesday
I've been feeling similar to you, man, with the children and working my hobby. The latter one works different for me, though, since you're at least in a lateral field of your dreams. Me, I hope to do so when I move to Chicago.

As for the kids part, I'm kind of scared by it. The fiancee has pretty much given us a deadline of a couple years since her body won't be able to handle babies with much health after a bit.

I kind of figure, though, that once kids go to school. . .even though money comes into picture, at least I'll have more time to dedicate toward the dream job that had the foundation created by me earlier.

yeah. . .something like that.
--The_Lex Tue Dec 13 21:28:23 2005
I really don't have it that together as I possibly may have made it sound.
--The_Lex Tue Dec 13 21:28:46 2005

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