keep some sunshine on yo face
Somehow Mudbone never resonated with me. I must be some kind of freak of nature.
--Nick B Wed Dec 14 10:33:48 2005
I haven't seen enough of the act to really have a strong opinion, but I'm always a fan of homespun cheerful existentialism like this.
--Kirk Wed Dec 14 12:00:55 2005
A lovely tribute, thanks Kirk. I have fond memories of Richard Pryor/ Gene Wilder movies as a kid. 

RE: yesterday's post, I've been to busy surviving to do anything else. I moved, got sick, and spend all my free time looking for a roommate so I don't go broke next month. Today, near my workplace, I saw a transvestite hooker, a Black man, wearing Uma Thurman's yellow jumpsuit from Kill Bill, complete with blonde wig. 
--ErinMaru Thu Dec 15 03:17:06 2005
Erin you need to be doing sidebars!!!!!!
--Lorl Thu Dec 15 07:42:19 2005
And I need to type my name making sure my right hand is properly on the home keys...
--Kirk Thu Dec 15 07:42:51 2005
I was wondering who lorl was, is that your transvestite hooker name, Kirk? ;)
--erinmaru Fri Dec 16 06:25:22 2005
Hmm, not a bad thought! Like one of those hooker names that sound like a more common name but have a bizarre, pseudo-girly spelling...
--Kirk Fri Dec 16 08:03:55 2005
Sdouns great to me BWTHDIK
--Namari Sun Apr 24 09:38:41 2011
I'm a level 1 guy w/the Army and I absolutely love your pmnirarmgog. I've been following it on and off for the last 2 and a half years. But I have to be honest. I still really don't understand all of the Jargon. Could someone please explain to me, at base level idiocy sort of simplicity what ALL OF THIS MEANS???Swim (SS Thu, 3S Fri): 10-20 x 50m on 0:45, hold within 3-5 seconds     ???And how does the training differ between Single Sport (SS) and multiple or triple sport??? I'm sorry man, I'm just trying to wrap my head around it all. Won't be able to attend a seminar or a cert for another year or so probably.
--John Fri Jan 11 03:32:26 2013

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