keep some sunshine on yo face
Somehow Mudbone never resonated with me. I must be some kind of freak of nature.
--Nick B Wed Dec 14 10:33:48 2005
I haven't seen enough of the act to really have a strong opinion, but I'm always a fan of homespun cheerful existentialism like this.
--Kirk Wed Dec 14 12:00:55 2005
A lovely tribute, thanks Kirk. I have fond memories of Richard Pryor/ Gene Wilder movies as a kid. 

RE: yesterday's post, I've been to busy surviving to do anything else. I moved, got sick, and spend all my free time looking for a roommate so I don't go broke next month. Today, near my workplace, I saw a transvestite hooker, a Black man, wearing Uma Thurman's yellow jumpsuit from Kill Bill, complete with blonde wig. 
--ErinMaru Thu Dec 15 03:17:06 2005
Erin you need to be doing sidebars!!!!!!
--Lorl Thu Dec 15 07:42:19 2005
And I need to type my name making sure my right hand is properly on the home keys...
--Kirk Thu Dec 15 07:42:51 2005
I was wondering who lorl was, is that your transvestite hooker name, Kirk? ;)
--erinmaru Fri Dec 16 06:25:22 2005
Hmm, not a bad thought! Like one of those hooker names that sound like a more common name but have a bizarre, pseudo-girly spelling...
--Kirk Fri Dec 16 08:03:55 2005

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