corpse bride
I'll say one thing, Kirk, about your habits with thoughts. I think you enjoy your thoughts more than most people. I think the thoughts that pop up for most are thoughts of anxiety and worry. For you, I think this statement would be mostly untrue.

Nonetheless, yoga for spirituality isn't so much about relaxing. . .so if you're looking for more spirituality through yoga, then yeah, I guess there'd be another reason for clearing your mind.
--The_Lex Thu Dec 15 17:57:18 2005
Oh, I have plent of anxiety thoughts, but a lot of fun ones that I try to cultivate as well.

My instructor is more about the physical than the karmic I think. He says though that a big part of control over the body is to then leave the mind free from distraction when sitting for prolonged periods.
--Kirk Thu Dec 15 19:18:48 2005
Your instructor makes sense. I'm sure real good body control requires a lot of concentration.
--The_Lex Fri Dec 16 10:16:35 2005
Well, I've always taken that line of reasoning with a grain of salt. It seems like "practice in a really comfortable chair" might be an easier way of avoiding bodily distraction over prolonged periods.
--Kirk Fri Dec 16 11:15:31 2005

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